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Help Your Chapters Do More, Impact More and Grow More

Give your chapters the tools to automate and simplify operations while creating data visibility across your entire organization.

Chapters are inherently complex, but they don’t have to be.

With Billhighway you can…

  • Provide tools to chapter leaders, staff and volunteers to easily automate and simplify administrative work, like managing member
    data and overseeing finances, allowing them to spend more time on things that add member value.
  • Turn chapters into selling machines and reduce time spent processing payments so they can spend more time on activities that
    drive member engagement.
  • Access chapter-level information to get a better idea of the health of your chapters and provide better support and resources.
  • Integrate with your existing systems to capture and connect member engagement and retention data across your entire organization.
  • Connect National and chapter finances, payments and data for unified, real-time access to clean and complete member data.

Ready to add member value and fuel chapter growth?


How We Help

Chapter Tools

We know that when all is said and done, increasing membership retention, acquisition and engagement is your top priority. Better tools and technology results in chapter leaders focusing less time on administrative and financial tasks, allowing your chapters to focus on member experience and your association’s goals.

Transparency and Visibility

When multiple chapters are in the picture, keeping everyone on the same page is a job in and of itself. With Billhighway, your association has chapter-level visibility to view overall chapter health across the organization, or to dive into individual performance, data and reporting. All the while chapters are provided the tools they need to be successful.

Real-Time Data

One of the best parts about Billhighway is bringing chapter networks into the 21st century by eliminating paper forms, and manual spreadsheets and processes. You can receive real-time member records and data, as well as easily access chapter metrics to understand performance and impact.

Increased Revenue

It’s not rocket science: The easier you make it for members to join, the more funds you’ll receive! Did you know auto-renewal capability can boost renewals by 50%? Or that offering payment installments increases member conversion by 46%? Imagine if every chapter could offer both, what would those numbers look like?

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